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what we do?


We help entrepreneurs to turn their vision into reality.
Our partners, founders, investors and experts are passionate about sharing ideas, experiences and best practices amongst our network of companies.


With our hands-on approach, we are your startup’s first investor. We love to work on product strategy, fight for traffic & customer traction. We invest seed money into ideas or existing teams with a business vision and clear funding models.


We provide founders an ideal environment to build, launch and grow companies very rapidly. From developers and designers to advisors and network – our goal is to enable founders to focus on what really matters most: building sustainable profitable business models.

About US

"We never planned to build a company builder"
It’s not how many ideas you have,

rather it’s how many ideas you make happen.

Every single individual, every single company on this planet knows what they do 100%

Only some of them know how they do it?

But very very few individuals or companies know why they do what they do.

As e-businessfactory.com we know why we do what we do.

We turn your ideas into reality.

Why do we that, because we believe in: “It’s not how many ideas you have, rather it’s how many ideas you make happen.”

e-businessfactory is a creator of new businesses.

We enable digital entrepreneurship, identify markets with high potential, long-term growth, and good opportunities for investment, partnerships and acquisitions.

We develop our own ideas; from scratch, for those selected markets into start-up firms, combining business/company-building and venture investment under one roof and provide a great blend of operational support and capital.

We are charting our own course, we know where we are and where we gonna go. We make our own passage plan using a market-driven approach to create long-lasting value in startups.

We pursue themes that have long-term high potential, very scalable, disruptive and can be transformative and meaningful to large sectors of business and real society.

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  • What is the idea behind e-businessfactory?

    e-businessfactory is an inspired team consisting of entrepreneurs, investors and experts who help founders to turn their ideas into reality.

  • How do e-businessfactory's ideas and founders come together?

    We develop our ideas out of the box. Meaning: outside-in and inside-out. Always in a movement. Most of the time we are the first stakeholder and investor at a start-up. But we also invest in believers/entrepreneurs who come up with promising ideas, but also create our own business models. Through our experiences and resources, we provide the founders with optimal conditions to quickly get companies on the road. We have all necessary resources for every needs of a start-up. Whether business developing, online marketing, HR, product design or IT - in our source pool, we believe a strong culture of sharing and exchanging. This proven approach allows us to significantly increase the probability of company success.

  • How do you know this?

    Through regular workshops, meetings and information exchange on topics such as recruiting and user acquisition, we increase efficiency within the company, with a smart resource sharing, we reduce costs and avoid errors that we have made in previous projects. Lessons learned. Currently, four companies are represented in the e-businessfactory portfolio.


    With Partvendo we have, of course, an extremely growing company in our portfolio. Partvendo.com was the fastest growing company in Turkey in the automotive retail market. But companies like oecat, which were profitable in their second month of founding, are also doing very well.


    We focus on what you believe and what we wanna create. We keep on course. We think at e-businessfactory very medium-sized. Small is beautiful! Starting a journey, the incentive to start a business should not be first a big round to raise. No deviation aloud: In the early stage, the focus of the founders should lie on the product, traction and solving a real existing problem. Founders should see venture capital not as a prerequisite, but as an addition tool for success. Money…Money...Money...: Raising a fund, getting money with investors is always a challenge distracting and associated with high opportunity costs.

    Early capital increase is most of the time desire for faster growth. All founders dream of growth; but on the other hand, a too early focus on growth can cause founders not to get in control all processes in time a profitable company.

    In addition to that, running a profitable company can lead all the team to more creativity, focus and more sensible decisions. Cash is King! Definitely, a free cash flow is the best KPI to measure whether a company can develop great products and generate customer value and shareholder value.

    Bread without salt… We believe that profit should be always there. Start-up or not Start-up. It’s a part of the game… and should be always brought into connection with all our ventures.

Sure, making a failure is part of our business. You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over. The important thing is to get up quickly, to learn from it, to avoid the mistakes next time. In principle, we focus on companies that are close to positive cash generation, so the fall height is often manageable.


Some e-businessfactory projects:

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Meet our team:
Bülent Öztuna
Bülent Öztuna
Business Development
Bülent Öztuna is a sales, management, and business development specialist with over 20 year’s experience work in such key industrial sectors as automotive, automotive aftermarkets and composite industries.Entrepreneur who has established businesses from start-up and built through effective strategic business planning, creative sales techniques, and innovative marketing.
Wilfried Jirka
Wilfried Jirka
Senior Partner
Business Strategy
Wilfried Jirka has over 40 years of extensive background in international marketing and sales for major German companies in the optical and the automotive industries. Specific countries of experience include France, Spain, Italy, and Holland, Belgium.
Maria Elo, Ph. D.
Maria Elo, Ph. D.
Business Development
Maria Elo holds a PhD in Economics from Åbo Akademi University, Finland; has worked as a consultant for various institutions and businesses, as an export agent and international entrepreneur for 24+ years, and also as a visiting assist. prof. in international business at George Washington University, USA, prof. in international management at FHDW, Germany, post-doctoral researcher at Turku School of Economics, University of Turku, Finland, and as a Migration Fellow at the Institute of Migration, Finland, …
Sean M. Cox, Ph. D.
Sean M. Cox, Ph. D.
Strategy & Management
Sean Michael Cox holds a Doctorate in Political Science in Comparative Politics. Dr. Cox spent several years in academe focusing his work on the emerging states of Eastern Europe and the European Union’s expansion policies before moving into higher education administration and international project development.
Murat Ünsal
Murat Ünsal
Business Technology
Murat Unsal holds an Industrial Engineering Degree with an MBA on Organization and Business Administration Policies. Professionally he has twenty five years of experience in automotive industry.

how did e-businessfactory develop?

join us…

Tell us about your idea, tell us about your startup, tell us what you believe!

We provide a great entrepreneurial talent and help you turn your ideas in to reality.

In 2019, we plan to expand our portfolio and continue to support promising companies in their projects. This means we are planning to add 1 or 2 companies in our portfolio.

Therefore, we are looking for awesome founders to take this journey with us.

We are also looking for seasoned experts in their fields, word class ideas, extraordinary entrepreneurial minds, committed teams and believers…